Graduate Theology Programs

Real Theology For Real Leadership

A New Kind of Graduate Theology Program Offered 100% Online

Real Theology

  • Faithful to the magisterium
  • Deep in tradition
  • Ordered to contemplation

Divine Revelation, the intellectual pursuit of truth, prayer and wisdom, all converge in the science of theology. Real theology means a deep immersion in the tradition – Patristic, medieval and modern – that is both intellectually rigorous and always faithful to the magisterium.

Real Leadership

  • Guide people to truth
  • Defend the faith
  • Deepen your spirituality

Lay leadership has often been misunderstood in recent decades as functional and hierarchical. As Pope Benedict states however, the mission of laity in the Church is primarily spiritual, intellectual and evangelical. Laypeople are enjoined to lead people to the truth of Christ.

Three Programs

M.A. in Theology

  • Evening classes for adults
  • Work as a teacher, catechist, minister, or DRE
  • Study Catholic doctrine, Church Fathers, St. Thomas, Vatican II, and Pope Benedict

M.A. in Philosophy and Theology

  • Study at the renowned Center for Thomistic Studies
  • For those with a strong interest in philosophy
  • Graduate with a background in theology and philosophy

B.A./M.A. in Theology

  • Complete both the B.A. and M.A. in theology in 5 years
  • Study in graduate seminars
  • Graduate ready for further studies or to begin working as a Catholic educator

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