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Transform your future with liberal arts education built on innovation and lasting career potential. Our graduate programs are rooted in the fearless pursuit of knowledge that drives us at University of St. Thomas - Houston. No matter what area of interest you want to pursue, your goals are possible to achieve at UST.

Lourdes Chacon, MCTM ’17

We had travel opportunities in the MCTM program that expanded my global network with leaders in the overseas business community and enabled me to build strong networks.

Marco Morales, MD, MCTM ’17

The great faculty members with academic excellence and diverse professional experience, the teaching methods and partnerships make this program unique that everyone in the biotech field should consider.

Carlotta Borsoi, MCTM ’17

The MCTM program completely changed my career path, but I realized this career path is a better way for me to help people sooner rather than later rather than never having a project get off the ground.

Manuel Aguilar, MBA ’05

My degree has navigated me through management, commercial lending, entrepreneurship, and now in a nonprofit. It really served as a key that unlocks multiple doors.

Crystal Zeglin, MSA ’13

Pursuing an advanced degree was not an easy task. But UST has great teachers, a flexible class schedule and a great community of students—all things that make the challenges a little easier.

Ethan Tuo Li, MSF ’15

Each professor is able to pay extra close attention to students, including making sure graduate students have a chance to see them one-on-one during office hours.

Lizette Vasquez, M.Ed. ’15

My experience as a student was unforgettable. The rigor of the classes was high but it helped push me in so many ways that prepared me to experience what it would be like to be a school counselor.

Amy Poerschke, M.Ed. ’14

I really think that because of the small class sizes and high-quality professors, I was able to get a lot of individualized feedback about my writing. That set me up for success, not only to be a principal but to go into a doctoral program.

Elizabeth Vrettos, CPA, MSA ’10

The small community and educated professors at UST truly enhanced my knowledge and allowed me to focus on the goal at hand.

Soledad Tanner, MIB ’02

Financial knowledge gives you freedom. Know your numbers.

Denise Castillo-Rhodes, MBA ’92

The learn will serve you very well in your business careers, whether you are working at a large Accounting firm, in a fancy Wall Street investment banking house, or at a glitzy advertising agency.

Daniel Garcia, MBA ’09

My UST MBA degree has had a great impact in my leadership style in the nonprofit industry and continuously guides me while serving at-risk youth in the community.

Jack Follis, Ph.D., MSDS
Professor at UST

This program will provide you with the necessary skills to become a data scientist by expanding your horizons by learning to use Python and R for preparing, managing, visualizing and modeling data, as well as communicating results to stakeholders.

Kristina Borovkova
MSDS student

I really enjoy the MSDS program at UST, especially learning new methods of how to process and analyze different types of data. The fact that big data is transforming our world brings a lot of opportunities and motivates me.

John Palasota, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Chemistry & Physics

The chemical, refining, and plastics industries are critically important to the Houston and national economy.  This professional graduate degree prepares individuals for outstanding careers in this vital enterprise.

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