MSM Program

Master of Sacred Music

preparing leaders through sacred music

The Master of Sacred Music at the University of St. Thomas (UST) prepares students for employment as professional church musicians. The UST Music Department offers an extraordinary educational opportunity for anyone wishing to study and pursue a career in organ and vocal performance, teaching, or church music.

The program integrates the musical, liturgical, and pastoral dimensions to ground students professionally in liturgical music as a ministry. Graduates of the program will be prepared to work with clergy and congregations in a full or part-time capacity, as well as to teach.

Within a 3-mile radius of the UST campus, at least a dozen parishes – and more than 40 in the Houston area – regularly seek out student musicians for employment. Most UST Music majors are employed part-time as singers or instrumentalists in:

  • Traditional Roman Catholic, Anglo-Catholic and Protestant church choirs
  • Jewish temple choirs
  • Places of worship that feature orchestral music and contemporary bands

These early career opportunities not only improve your musical and performance skills, but provide real-world performance experience and build relationships with potential employers.

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