MLA Program

Master in Liberal Arts


The Master in Liberal Arts at UST is a multidisciplinary Master’s degree, a flexible alternative to a traditional Master’s degree, with courses and electives from among several concentration areas.  Students enjoy small classes and personal attention, with many evening options, along with study abroad and internship opportunities.

The Master in Liberal Arts degree is a great option for:

  • Educators looking to advance practical and subject matter expertise
  • Professionals looking to advance their careers or to expand job horizons
  • Everyone looking to go deeper into the Great Books and Great Ideas in the pursuit of life-long learning.

Executive MLA

The Executive Master in Liberal Arts is a new MLA track based on study of the Great Books. Designed as a continuing education in the liberal arts, this program is ideal for working professionals who want a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.

Students will have access to evening classes both in-person and Socratic online video conferencing.

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Ashley Easterwood, MLA ’10

I chose St. Thomas because it’s a school that offers interesting classes that will help me to prosper professionally, as well as stimulate my personal interest.

Isabel Rodriguez, MLA ’08

At St. Thomas, I felt challenged by my professors and classmates. Successfully rising to that challenge gave me the confidence to go pursue a doctorate.

Amanda Duhon, MLA ’11

I particularly enjoyed the multidisciplinary aspects of the MLA seminar classes that were outside my area of study. We were engaged in open dialogue and everyone brought new ideas and different interpretations. You learned to argue your point and build your critical thinking skills.

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