MBA Program

Master of Business Administration


If you’re ready to advance in your career and increase your earning potential, consider the UST Master in Business Administration program. UST offers flexible scheduling, approachable faculty and opportunities to network with some of Houston’s best employers.

Your Success

Gain a significant career edge by earning an MBA. If you’re ready to step up your game, an MBA degree is your springboard to a brighter future. Graduates go on to exciting leadership positions in:

  • Banking & finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health care
  • Oil & gas
  • Technology

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Ready to take the next step to achieving the goals you’re passionate about? Request more info today to receive the information and support you need to move forward at UST in Houston.

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Daniel Garcia, MBA ’09

My UST MBA degree has had a great impact in my leadership style in the nonprofit industry and continuously guides me while serving at-risk youth in the community.

Denise Castillo-Rhodes, MBA ’92

The learn will serve you very well in your business careers, whether you are working at a large Accounting firm, in a fancy Wall Street investment banking house, or at a glitzy advertising agency.

Manuel Aguilar, MBA ’05

My degree has navigated me through management, commercial lending, entrepreneurship, and now in a nonprofit. It really served as a key that unlocks multiple doors.

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