MA in Philosophy Program

master of arts in philosophy

the next level of philosophy

The Center for Thomistic Studies at the University of St. Thomas is the only graduate philosophy program in the United States uniquely focused on the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. In the pursuit of a living Thomism, the Center’s programs stress both historical understanding of Aquinas’s texts and a rigorous rethinking of his thirteenth-century wisdom in the light of twenty-first century problems and realities.

A degree in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas will give you something you won’t get from another university – our course offerings in philosophy are designed to promote these aims of a liberal education:

  • To expand the mind through vital contact with many of the greatest and most influential thinkers of all time
  • To recognize and evaluate the underlying assumptions that govern contemporary opinion and to consider alternatives
  • To develop a capacity and love for disciplined and creative thinking about complex matters
  • To understand connections among all the parts of an education and to prepare for graduate study in philosophy, theology, law and other disciplines as a basis for a variety of careers

The Master of Arts in Philosophy is a 30-credit hour program with 18 credit hours of core courses and 12 credit hours of electives.

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