MAFC Program

Master of Arts in Faith and Culture

Be The Change

As part of the Master of Arts in Faith and Culture graduate program, lay students are equipped with the wisdom of the Catholic theological, moral, social, and spiritual traditions. These tools allow them to go out into American culture and leaven it with the Good News.

MAFC students come from a variety of backgrounds, including different professional experiences, stages in life, and educational histories. This program is designed for students who want to root their vocations more deeply in the patrimony of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Offered both online and in-person, the MAFC program is valuable for those seeking meaning, looking to fulfill their calling, or for personal development.

Graduate Certificate in Faith and Culture

As an alternative to the 2-year Master of Arts in Faith and Culture, students may seek a 1-year Graduate Certificate in Faith and Culture.  Rooted in the same course offerings as the MAFC, the certificate can be completed with half the credit hours and allows you to enrich your academic or professional career while earning a recognized credential.

Important Features:

  • Our online and on-campus evening classes offer flexibility for students in the Houston area and around the country.
  • These programs are the least expensive graduate programs at the University of St. Thomas.
  • All students who have applied for a scholarship have received one.

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Bridget Richardson, MAFC ’17

What the program taught me was dialogue and personal encounter. When someone walks into my office and asks me to do something that encounter is not about getting the task done, it is an opportunity to meet them where they are at and be in their lives.

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