MA Criminology Program

Master Of Arts In Criminology, Law & Society

St. Thomas Aquinas defines law as "nothing other than a certain dictate of reason (rationis ordinatio) for the common good, made by him who has the care of the community and promulgated." ST. IaIIae, Q.90, art.4.

Law is based upon reason, and not upon custom, will, politics, or power. While natural law applies to all humans and is unchanging, human law can vary with time, place, and circumstance.

The Master of Arts in Criminology, Law and Society degree is directed towards educating students about the challenge of crime in American society and understanding the Catholic teachings of acceptable responses by the criminal justice practitioners to the incidence of crime. The courses, taught by UST faculty, present a concentrated base of knowledge with emphasis on social justice, ethics and contemporary challenges which impact victims, offenders, organizations, and society.

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